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Why choose Fergus for your tour?

Why choose Fergus?: Headliner
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Luxury zero-emission travel

Explore Scotland in the comfort of my luxury, air-conditioned, all-electric vehicle with room for 6 guests.

For comfort of conscience as well as body! The quiet environment of EV travel is perfect for touring, no noisy engines.

Leave only footprints, not even diesel particulate.

Why choose Fergus?: About

Meet Fergus

As we say in the Highlands, thig a-steach!

My name is Fergus Neil Salvesen Halliday and I grew up in a remote corner of the Highlands, tucked onto the edge of Rannoch Moor. All surrounded by some of the very best landscape and wildlife this country has to offer. It's fair to say; it left an impression!

After studying Archaeology at St Andrews, our oldest university, I set out into the world performing traditional Scottish music across the UK & Europe. While playing at the Orkney Folk Festival, I saw a job advertised for a guide at Skara Brae and thought to myself "now that is a job...". I wangled myself an interview, and never left.

After years showing off our neolithic heritage in Orkney, I moved Sooth to the Central Belt where I designed tours for luxury cruise ships visiting our shores. But the guiding bug was too strong and I completed the coveted STGA Blue Badge Guide accreditation recognised by VisitScotland & VisitBritain.

I can't wait to put together a tour, just for you!

Why choose Fergus?: About


We are all different and enjoy experiencing the world in our own ways. I am keen to help in every way I can and design tours to help you enjoy your visit with us as much as possible! Whether you are a wheelchair user, would prefer an autism-friendly environment, or have any other requirements, I will always strive to help you feel both comfortable and welcome during your stay.

Why choose Fergus?: Accessibility Policy
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